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“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone's soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.”

~ Erin Morgenstern

​Alexis Kwaben is an award-winning composer, sound designer, and storyteller who specializes in narrative-driven compositions for media. An avid reader and lover of the arts since childhood, ​she ​values stories that positively impact how communities and individuals perceive and interact with each other and their surrounding environments. ​She strives to use musical and sonic storytelling as an innovative device for change. ​Passionate about creating diversity in the media, ​Alexis works to give life to projects that celebrate and explore the beauty and struggles of humanity, diversity, and individuality while preserving the wonder, courage, and open-minded curiosity of childhood.

Raised in Joliet, Illinois, she began her musical training at an early age, learning to play the piano and later going on to the guitar and violin.​​ Alexis' passion for storytelling through music and sound has been fostered by her upbringing in which making music and discovering and creating new stories were part of her normal life.​ Music and stories became the lenses through which she interprets and interacts with the world. ​​She loves blending old-school analog and new techniques of audio production into her work process to create unique compositions built from a combination of diverse sonic elements and musical genres.​ Furthermore, Alexis enjoys working closely with her collaborators to foster environments that encourage creative immersion​ and exploration.


Alexis has diverse working experience in--digital and analog--live, studio, field, and post-production for audio, theater, film, and television. She has worked as a composer, sound designer, songwriter, producer, orchestrator, music/sound editor, and mixing and recording engineer for various media platforms - including animation, film, television, theater, radio, podcast, audiobook, ​and ​album. Alexis has​ collaborated with media professionals from across the world and has had her work featured on PBS and premiered in several festivals such as Chicago International​ ​Children's Film Festival​ or the ​Prague International Film Festival, to name a few. ​​In addition to collaborating with Lyriq Music School, Webster University Orchestra, KDHX Community Media, and Columbia College Chicago's Theater Department, Alexis also works with Dan Romer (Luca, Good Doctor, Superman & Lois), Mark Isham (Blacklight, Once Upon a Time), Kubilay Uner (American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally, Bill & Ted Face the Music), and Nomi Abadi (NORY ®, Super Turnt).

Alexis holds a B.A. in Music (Piano Performance) and B.A. in Audio Production from Webster University​ and ​an M.F.A in Music Composition for the Screen from Columbia College Chicago. She is also a member of the Audio Engineer Society. She loves to relax by burying her nose in a book, playing games, babying her plants, or dancing the night away! However, when not on the ground, Alexis can be found scaling trees and capturing wild birds in her hands.

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